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Greenzaid Early Childhood Center (ECC) Classroom Offerings for the 2023-2024 School Year


The Greenzaid ECC features programs to nurture the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual development of children ages 15 months through kindergarten in an engaging, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment.  The goal of our program is to encourage children to become independent, confident, inquisitive learning and creative thinkers.

In addition to these core program classes, we offer early bird starting at 8:00 am, enrichments from 1:00 – 2:30 pm, nap and extended day until 4:00 pm daily. 


Transitional Twos

15 – 24 months by September 1st
3 days a week (Tu, W, F) 9:15am – 12:30pm
Your child's first steps into preschool

The Greenzaid ECC understands the importance of introducing your child to the early childhood educational experience in a nurturing and engaging environment. The Greenzaid ECC Transitional Two's program, for our youngest learners is led by experienced, warm and caring teachers, helps lay the foundation for a successful and enriching preschool experience.

Offering a variety of activities, from dramatic play, creative arts, music, early literacy and movement, our toddlers start to develop an appreciation of a daily schedule and social interactions. Teachers begin to establish predictable daily routines allowing children to feel safe.

“My son has blossomed in the transition twos, he can’t wait to come to school each day!  His social, language and motor skills have grown beyond my expectations.  He is so ready for next year!” – N. Goldman

Children turning 2 by September 1st
3 or 5 days a week 9:15am – 1:00pm
Busy, curious and ready for anything

Curious and active two-year-olds need time to explore, interact, engage and observe.  The Greenzaid ECC provides opportunities for independence as well as group work. Activities are designed to enhance early small and gross motor skills, as well as practice social emotional skills through modeling and scaffolding. 

In the two’s classroom, our program introduces Jewish Holidays and traditions in an interactive and nurturing environment through song, stories and art which help to create a lifelong love of Jewish values and customs.

“The Greenzaid Early Childhood Center preschool program has been fantastic for our family.  The twos and threes teachers have helped make preschool so fun and enjoyable.  My children are learning, smiling and growing more confident each and every day! I would highly recommend the Greenzaid ECC preschool program” – Shanan B.

Children turning 3 by September 1st
5 days a week 9:15am – 1:00pm
Growing self-help skills, problem solving and friendships

Ready for additional independence and challenges, the Greenzaid ECC three-year-old program offers children a variety of opportunities to problem solve, work cooperatively in a group and shine independently.  Children are introduced to new responsibilities and options in their daily schedules.  Turn-taking, communication skills and sharing are emphasized to help promote thoughtful and productive relationships.

The Greenzaid ECC three’s program understands that three-year-old children are forming true friendships, and design our classroom activities to help promote these relationships. Children are introduced in a thoughtful way to the ideas of Tzedakah, caring for one another and the community.  The three’s continue to experience Jewish traditions through the richness of music and story.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all you’ve done for Miller this entire year and a special thank you for going over above and beyond. I know we keep saying it, but we can’t say it enough, we are beyond appreciative to have found GECC and that Miller has you all in his life. You all are truly gifted educators and special people and we can’t wait until the day soon that Miller gets to spend time with you in person again. Please know we recognize all of your hard work and dedication and you are our heroes!” - Laura C.

Children turning 4 by September 1st
5 days a week 9:15am – 1:00pm
Inquisitive, hands-on and proud

The focus of the Greenzaid ECC four’s program prepares children with the skills necessary to ensure they are successful, happy and well-equipped for their next step. Whether they are heading to kindergarten or our transitional kindergarten program, the Greenzaid ECC works with each child on literacy, letter and word recognition, mathematics, science and problem solving.  In addition, and equally important, careful attention is made to ensure they can express themselves and interact positively with others.   Promoting independence and self-reliance to insure confidence and success are important goals for the fours classroom.

“I want to take a moment to thank you for all that you do every day with the Keshet (4’s) class and enrichment.
Jordana is SO happy in your class- she adores you both and she is learning so much. Every day she tells us what she is learning. Her face lights up when she talks about you and how much she is enjoying school. Your consistent warmth, enthusiasm for teaching, patience, and insight in running the Keshet class is incredible. The kids are so happy together and so happy with you both. It is so evident how much you care about each child and as a result, there is such a clear cohesiveness and joy in your class. We are beyond grateful to you both as the smartest and kindest teachers, and friends.
Cheers to the DREAM TEAM!!!” - Lauren & Daniel


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