Building a Youth Community

Youth at B'nai Tzedek Synagogue in Potomac MarylandEngaging our Kids from Tots to Teens

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 are invited to join us for some purely fun, purely social afternoons following Religious School on Sundays! We look forward to Building a Chocolate Israel on May 5, 2019. Stay tuned for details.

Teen Scene:  We have very exciting offerings for teens this year, some held at CBT, some at other synagogues as part of a 5-synagogue consortium including B'nai Tzedek, B’nai Israel, Beth El, Har Shalom, and Tikvat Israel, and a Social Justice Civil Rights trip to southern cities.  Please see our calendar for details. 

JDS Families & CBT: CBT strives to make sure our families whose children attend Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, feel connected to both their school and their synagogue. We encourage JDS students to get involved with our youth group events and family learning opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about the Jewish Day School, or how we help families enjoy both JDS and CBT, please contact Jessica Eyal ([email protected]) or Laura Gordon ([email protected]), our CBT/JDS liaisons. 

Kids at B'nai Tzedek Synagogue in Potomac Maryland9th – 12th Grade: CBT’s high school youth group inspires lasting friendships, leadership development, and thoughtful exploration of Jewish identity that will hopefully carry over past high school. We also encourage our teens to participate in regional USY (United Synagogue Youth) and BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization) activities.

Kids at B'nai Tzedek Synagogue in Potomac Maryland“Boot Camp” for Juniors and Seniors: As important as your meeting with your child’s college guidance counselor! Children often go off to college unprepared for what they will encounter. Some campuses are hotbeds of anti-Zionism and anti-Israeli propaganda and activity. Be sure your children are prepared. Rabbi Weinblatt will meet with our 11th and 12th Graders in the upcoming year on Sunday evenings to help them learn how to deal with the challenges that await them on campus.

College ConnectionsWe stay connected with our college students by sending holiday and study packages as well as communications from Rabbi Weinblatt to keep them in touch with our community throughout the year. Please send an updated address for your college student to the main office so we can send them a special gift from all of us at CBT!

Israel Quest (IQ): Israel Quest is a grant program for teens that aims to promote Jewish identity through peer-based Israel experiences.

Supporting B’nai Tzedek

Supporting B’nai Tzedek

B'nai Tzedek provides a vast array of programs designed to enlighten, stimulate and educate. We are challenged to explore our Judaism, history, customs and our relationship with the people of Israel. Your support allows us to maintain memberships and educational opportunities for those who might not otherwise afford it.

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