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05/03/2022 02:00:29 PM


Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt

Today we visited the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation where we learned about and saw first-hand why Israel is known as “StartUp Nation.”  The creativity coming out of Israel is nothing less than amazing – it is almost as if they welcome challenges just to see how they can solve seemingly insolvable problems.  Many of us are familiar with the Israel of past decades when they miraculously defied all odds to fulfill David Ben Gurion’s dream of making the desert green.  That same attitude and determination has been applied now to numerous other fields and projects.  It was my first time visiting the Center where we also heard from a representative of the Volcani Agricultural Institute which is working to solve food shortages and other challenges facing not just Israel, but is sharing its know-how and technology to help in the Caribbean, Africa and even Israel’s Arab neighbors.

Tonight we will join as the nation marks Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day to honor and remember the soldiers who died in defense of the homeland of the Jewish people. 

Tomorrow we will visit the newly renovated, and just reopened Museum of the Jewish People and then on to Jerusalem

Shalom from Israel,

Rabbi Weinblatt

Fri, September 22 2023 7 Tishrei 5784