Attending Services

A Message from the Ritual Committee

It is our hope that Congregation B'nai Tzedek offers participants a truly spiritual and meaningful experience.

Steve Mackey- Vice President, Ritual       
Eric Ellman- Chair, Ritual Committee        


1. Thou shalt not use cell phones and pagers inside the synagogue. Please refrain from bringing these devices into the synagogue on Shabbat; however, if you must, then please be sure they are turned off before you enter the synagogue. A ringing telephone, talking, or text messaging on the telephone during Shabbat services disturbs the spirituality of the experience and is very unsettling for our clergy and the b'nai mitzvah who are helping to conduct the service.

2. Men, of all faiths, shall wear a kippah/yarmulke while in the synagogue as a sign of respect, and to symbolize that God is above. Women may cover their heads, but are not required to do so. Kippot and lace coverings are available on a table outside the sanctuary. 

3. Thou shalt not smoke in or near the synagogue. 

4. Thou shalt not take pictures or videos.  Please do not use cameras or any recording device in or near the synagogue. Additionally, writing on Shabbat and/or festivals is not permitted in the synagogue.

5. Thou shalt take a prayer book (siddur) before entering the sanctuary. Out of respect for the Torah and for those engaged in prayer, please refrain from entering the sanctuary when the Ark is open, when the ushers ask you to wait, or when the Rabbi is speaking.

6. As in any house of worship, thou shalt dress in a modest and appropriate manner. Short skirts/dresses, bare midriffs and exposed shoulders are not appropriate attire for the sanctuary. Shawls are available for women and young ladies who attend the service in sleeveless dresses/blouses.

7. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Shabbat services, either by attending one of our youth services, or by joining you for the adult service in the sanctuary. Please feel free to step out into the hall for a break if your son/daughter becomes restless.  Additionally, feel free to take your young children into the adjacent Holt Chapel where you can oversee your children who are playing in our Kid's Korner while also participating in the services.

8. Thou shalt not greet friends and relatives or engage in conversation in the sanctuary, although you may not have seen family or friends for a long time.  There is ample time following the service to catch up with friends and family members.

9. Thou shalt not give a gift on Shabbat in the synagogue.

10. Thou shalt not eat, drink, or chew gum in the sanctuary on Shabbat.

We hope that by honoring B’nai Tzedek’s “Ten Commandments,” all who join us for Shabbat and festival services will truly find it a meaningful experience.