Welcome Packet 2016-2017 (RS Forms)

Important Documents - Welcome Packet 2016-2017

In an effort to simplify things and be more environmentally friendly, RS Welcome Packet documents:


There are several documents of note, some of which need to be submitted to the RS office by the first day of school. 

The following document needs to be submitted online to the RS office: 

•   Emergency Information Contact & Child Release online form: This online form provides the RS Office with allergy/medical/special learning information, emergency contact information, and child release information in accordance with crisis management procedures. Please indicate names of any/all persons authorized to pick up your children. Children will only be released to individuals for whom we have written permission. This online form must be completed and turned in to the school PRIOR to school starting, please make sure all required fields are filled out.  

For safety reasons, children will not be allowed to attend class if this form is not filled out by September 18. You will receive a confirmation email once the form is submitted to the RS office. 

If you have any questions, please contact Beth ([email protected]). 

All families must advise us of any changes in your child's medical condition as they occur throughout the year, including allergies or new medications.

Online Learning Center (OLC) Behrman House permission slip: Parents of 4th – 6th Graders will receive login information for the Online Learning Center (OLC).  This is part of our curriculum and provides an easy, fun, convenient way for students to practice their Hebrew at home.  If you did not fill it out last year, please fill out the permission slip and send it back to Rabbi Steve (electronic signatures are fine).  If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Steve.  Please note that if you logged in last year, you would have been asked to change your password and therefore we will not have access to it.  Thank you!

Click the links below for:

•    Parent Handbook 2016-2017

•    RS Calendar 2016-2017

•    Service Attendance Requirements: Service information and dates for our improved Shabbat programming (Tot Shabbat, Hands on Shabbat, Club 456 and Learner's Minyan).

•    Allergy Information Letter - Please remember all RS classes are peanut-free and tree nut-free. There may be a sign up list on Sunday, Sept. 11th for Parents of Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students to bring in nut-free snack and juice for the class during the school year. All students in grades 3 - 7 need to bring in their own snacks for Sunday and Hebrew Midweek Classes. Please note for Sunday, Sept. 11th, the first Day of Sunday School, all students should bring in their own nut-free snack.

•    Youth Group 2016-2017 Registration 

7th Grade 2016-2017 Forms:


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