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Shabbat Across CBT

February 28 2020

On Friday night, February 28, hundreds of synagogues across the country will take part in an historic event to celebrate what unifies all Jews - Shabbat.

B'nai Tzedek has everything you need to facilitate Shabbat.  Register to host or attend a Shabbat dinner, learn to bake challah, find out how to make Shabbat, and get ready to celebrate!  Whether you are a "Shabbat regular" or "novice", please join us and the tens of thousands of North American Jews who will come together in spiritual unison with Jews around the word and thousands of years of tradition.

Click the links below to sign up!

Shabbat Across CBT Hosts

Shabbat Across CBT Guests

Shabbat Across CBT Workshops

Shabbat in a Box

Sun, February 23 2020 28 Shevat 5780