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Passover Information

Passover 2020 Schedule
Tuesday, April 7 - Search for Chametz - after dark
Wednesday, April 8
8:30 am - Siyyum Bechorim
(Fast of the Firstborn) - Pre-Pasover Morning Minyan – with study session taught by Rabbi Tow, especially for First Born/Siyyum Bechorim.  Click here to join.
10:30 am - Stop eating chametz
12:00 noon - Biyur (Burning/Final Removal of) Chametz
Evening - First Seder (no everning service at CBT)


Thursday, April 9
9:30 am - Passover Morning Service (Click here to join and click here to download the Sim Shalom for Passover)
6:30 pm - CBT 2nd Night Inter-generational Zoom Seder with Rabbi Tow (click here to join)
We’ll join together at 6:30 pm and continue through the entire Seder (except for the meal). What you’ll need: Seder plate and ritual foods, Wine/grape juice and Matzah.
Tuesday, April 14
7:30 pm - Evening Service for the 7th Day of Passover
Wednesday, April 15
9:30 am - Passover Morning Service & Yizkor
Thursday, April 16
8:29 pm - Resume Eating Chametz
Click here for a downloadable haggadah.
Click here for some Passover Humor.
Click here for some helpful resources on celebrating Passover in a time of social distancing.
Here is a webinar from JTS for anyone who has never hosted a seder before.
Click here for the Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide to help prepare your home for Passover.
Thu, April 9 2020 15 Nisan 5780