Kiddush Menu/Prices

Kiddush Menus/Prices


Congregation B’nai Tzedek Sisterhood 
Kiddush Menu Selection Form For B'nai Mitzvah Families
Prices Effective August 2016 


Standard Kiddush: $11.00/person for each invited guest
2 Ceremonial Challot (one for Friday evening service & one for Saturday morning service)
White Grape Juice (mini cups served on a tray immediately following the service)
Assorted Large Bagels (dozen), Mini Challah Rolls and/or Mini Onion Rolls (half dozen) 
Bagel Chips or Pita Wedges 
Plain Cream Cheese 

Main Course Salad Options: (may select one option per 50 guests)

Egg, Tuna (solid white), Whitefish

Side Salad Options  (select one option per 50 guests)
Babaganoush, Chick Pea, Cucumber, Health, Hummus, Israeli, Israeli Couscous, Orzo, Pasta (tri-color), Potato (red-skin), Spanish Eggplant

Cookie Options: (select one option per 50 guests)
Assorted, Cinnamon Squares, Chocolat Chip, Chocolate Tops, Dot, Ginger, Maple, Pecan Wafers, Sprinkled, Strudel Twists

Pastry Options: (select one option per 100 guests)
Apple Crumb Squares, Blondies, Frosted Brownies, Lemon or Raspberry Squares

Coffee, Tea and Lemonade 
Paper Supplies
60" Round Tables, Cloths and Chairs 


Specialty Cream Cheeses: $.55/person
Loxspread, Scallion, Veggie

Specialty Salads: $1.50/person
Artichoke/Hearts of Palm, Fresh Fruit Salad, Gefilte Fish, Herring (in cream or wine), Sesame Noodles

Fancy Pastries: $1.25/person
Apple Strudel, Almond Nuggets, Babka (chocolate or cinnamon), Baklava, Black & White Cookies (mini), Breakaway Danish (chocolate or cinnamon), Chocolate Horns, Cream Puffs, Cupcakes (mini), Eclairs (mini), Lace Cookies, Linzer Tarts, Mandel Bread, Napoleons (mini), Pecan Diamonds, Rainbow Cookies, Raspberry Horns, Rugelach



Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter - $160/platter (serves 125+)

Crudite Platter - $150/platter (serves 50)
Carrots, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Tri-Color Peppers, Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Black Olives &  Pareve Dipping Sauce

Tomato, Cucumber & Onion Platter - $55/platter (serves 50)

Gourmet Cheese Platter - $6.50/person
Served with Grapes and Crackers

Smoked Fish Platter - $19/person
Whitefish, Kippered Salmon, Nova Lox, Plain Cream Cheese, Assorted Cheeses, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Olives and 1 ½ bagels per person

Lox Platter - $19/person
Lox, Plain Cream Cheese, Assorted Cheeses, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Olives and 1 ½ bagels per person

Sisterhood Nova Platter (nova lox only by the pound) - $26/pound
Plated and garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions (optional) (Does Not Include Cream Cheese or Bagels)

Hot Mini Knishes (must be ordered in multiples of 100) - $60/100
Broccoli, Broccoli/Cheddar, Kasha, Mushroom, Potato, Spinach, Sweet Potato or Vegetable

Cheese Blintzes (must be ordered in multiples of 48) - $60/48
Plain Cheese, Cherry or Blueberry

Homemade Kugel with Pineapple & White Raisins - $36/kugel (serves 15-20)

Dessert Platters from Sunflower Bakery - $30 credit per 100 guests
View bakery menu at (Check Sunflower for gluten-free options)