Intro to Judaism Class Recordings

Below is the recording from the class on Jan 22 on Zionism and the establishment of the State of Israel. If you hear background noise it’s because Rabbi Weinblatt was holding his grandson, Matan while he taught class.

1885 Pittsburgh Platform, which directly led to the split in Reform Judaism and the creation of Conservative Judaism:

1999 Pittsburgh Platform, which is Reform Judaism’s most recent statement of principles and a closer reflection to what the movement stands for now:

Emet V’Emunah, the Conservative movements 1987 statement of principles and beliefs:


November 20 Handout


Click here for the October 30th Class Parts 1 & 2


October 9 Handout


May 15 Handout

 Abraham Joshua Heschel, Man's Quest For God Handout

May 8 Handout