Strategic Plan

Building Community Together


The strategic plan, as adopted by the Board of Directors in 2016, is the culmination of a two year process involving a broad cross section and large number of congregants who joined together to create a vision and plan for the future of CBT.  We began with an evaluation of our congregational jouney sice our founding in 1988. We sought to capture all that makes CBT unique and the strength that have made CBT the successful congregation we are today, as we look to build upon those strengths with a vision and plan for our future. We developed an updated vision statement for the congregation to guide this plan and then developed strategic priorities focused on congregant engagement, financial sustainability and human capital.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a dynamic, innovative and inclusive Conservative congregation that:

  • *  Is committeed to making Jewish traditions and values meaningful to our congregants
  • *  Is a vibrant and warm community that cares and supports each other
  • *  Inspires our congregants on their Jewish journey
  • *  Celebrates Shabbat and holidays together and performs mitzvot as a sacred community
  • *  Is dedicated to tikun olam, advocating for Israel and leading in the broader Jewish community


Enhance Congregant Engagement
  • *  Prioritize young family recruitment and engagment
  • *  Innovate for excellence in education for all ages
  • *  Creat a more engaging and inspiring Shabbat experience
  • *  Imbue exceptional hospitality and welcoming into all synagogue services and activities
  • *  Inspire cultural change such that the pracice of Judaism is a source of meaning in the lives of our congregants and such that B'nai Tzedek remains relevant to our congregant


Financial Sustainability
  • *  Change our financial nomenclature to move from a trasactional model to a participatory model
  • *  Launch hybrid dues model beginning with families age 40 and under, with a goal of ultimately expanding the voluntary dues model to the entire congregation
  • *  Launch our capital campaign "Campaign for the Future"
  • *  Increase endowments/planned giving


Human Capital
  • *  Focus on developing and supporting our leadership, volunteers, clergy and staff
  • *  Rework board structure and operation to achieve better alignment of board with congregation and higher level of board satisfaction and effectiveness
  • *  Develope a culture of leadership and training (throughout congregation and schools)
  • *  Develope improved marketing and communication stragegy
  • *  Commence rabbinic succession planning


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For more information on the Strategic Planning Committee contact Diane Steren at [email protected].