David Ifshin Memorial Award

The David Ifshin Memorial Award honors the memory of David Ifshin, a member of Congregatin B'nai Tzedek, who passed away in 1996 at the age of 47.  David served as General Counsel to AIPAC, counsel to the presidential campaigns of Walter Mondale and Bill Clinton and was an eerly proponent and architect of campaign finance reform.  An anti-war activist during the Vietnam era, David later established the Institute for Democracy in Vietnam with Senator John McCain.  He has a broad range of interests, including a passion for public policy, support for Israel and building bridges between various and often-contentious sectors of the community.


This award and annual lecture series, established by David’s family in 1997, provides an opportunity to discuss the issues to which David was dedicated, and honors individuals whose accomplishments emerge from devotion to a public cause or interest that also captivated David during his life.


David Ifshin Award Recipients

1997 Ambassador Dennis Ross
1998 Abe Pollin
1999 Senator John McCain
2000 Joel Klein
2001 David Kessler
2002 Joe Klein
2003 Leon Wieseltier
2004 Norman J. Ornstein
2005 James S. Tisch
2006 Howard Kohr
2007 The Honorable Ray Mabus
2008 Malcolm Hoenlein
2010 Senator Al Franken
2011 Wolf Blitzer
2012 Donna Shalala
2013 Cecile Richards
2015 Abraham Foxman