Greenzaid Early Childhood Center

Greenzaid Early Childhood Center

A Beautifully Natural Learning Environment. 

The Ideal Setting For Young Minds To Grow.

New playground at B'nai Tzedek Synagogue in Potomac Maryland

Located in a beautiful wooded setting with expansive grounds unlike any other in the D.C. area, the B’nai Tzedek Greenzaid Early Childhood Center (ECC) is an extraordinary community of children, parents, teachers and staff who, in a most unique way, collaborate to cultivate your child’s love of learning. Our innovative play-based curriculum is inspired by the teaching of the Reggio Emilia philosophy and customized instruction for the needs of every child. We recognize this as an opportunity to shape your child’s love of learning and nurture their physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth as well as their connection to Jewish values and traditions. The children celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays with the clergy, and Jewish experiences are woven into the curriculum. Our teachers are highly experienced, with degrees in early education and an appreciation for what every child needs to learn, thrive and have fun. 

Together with the Levin family to honor the memory of Robert Levin we created a nature-based music inspiried playground.  We know that children who play in natural settings play in more diverse, imaginative and creative ways.  Come see for yourself how our beautiful new play space engages your children.

Musical playground at

We Invite You to Stop In

The best way to experience the uniqueness of our school is to visit. We invite you to stop in and see for yourself what makes the Bnai Tzedek Greenzaid ECC so special. To schedule an appointment, please contact Jane Greenblatt, Director at 301-299-1149 or email [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you to our very special school and community.




Supporting B’nai Tzedek

Supporting B’nai Tzedek

B'nai Tzedek provides a vast array of programs designed to enlighten, stimulate and educate. We are challenged to explore our Judaism, history, customs and our relationship with the people of Israel. Your support allows us to maintain memberships and educational opportunities for those who might not otherwise afford it.

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