Tzedakah Projects

Tzedakah Projects


Special in Uniform Tzedakah Project

This year the GECC joined the synagogue’s efforts to raise money for the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Special in Uniform program. Special in Uniform is an innovative program that aims to integrate youth with disabilities into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and assist in preparing them for careers following army service. The program was founded to give everyone a right to fulfill their potential and be accepted into society, regardless of any disability. Special in Uniform goes beyond the walls of IDF bases, helping its graduates integrate into the workforce and Israeli society in meaningful ways. 

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Poplar Springs

Last year, the preschool families of the Laura and Joel Greenzaid ECC donated money to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary to care for the animals that were adopted by every class. The nursery school took a trip in May to visit all of the animals that our tzedakah had helped care for including Twinkle and Pinkie pictured below.