2016 - 2017 Enrichment classes

2016 - 2017 GECC Enrichment Classes

Available for sign-up for children in the Pandot(3s) & Kofim(4s) Classes

Are you are looking to give your child an enriching experience that explores topics in a deep and meaningful way, in a safe environment with their friends?  Then GECC Enrichment programs are the perfect after school experience for your child!

All GECC Enrichment Classes are 90 minutes in duration.  They begin immediately following the conclusion of GECC morning classes on a daily basis, running from 1:00-2:30 pm. Each enrichment class will begin with a short rest period, and will then delve into the week’s exploration and experience.  Classes will begin September 7, 2016.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or to make changes.  All changes should be made by September 30, 2016.  No refunds will be processed after that date.





Children will play creative games to develop fundamental soccer skills in a fun and nurturing environment.  A soccer ball will be provided for each child.  This class will be taught by Gary Burke.


Israeli Culture and Hebrew Language




Cooking for Jewish Holidays and Healthy Snacks

Join Morah Hava and Morah Yafa for a fun filled afternoon discovering Israel. We will learn Hebrew, Hebrew songs, about the land of Israel, and about the people of Israel.  This will all be done through hands on experiential learning. We look forward to investigating Israel and learning Hebrew with the children!

Come join Miss Nora and Miss Julie, as we explore the Jewish holidays through our sense of taste!   Child friendly recipes will be created through the use of instructional pictures. The children will learn how to use measuring cups and spoons, and other common kitchen utensils. Cooking helps build basic math skills by working with simple addition and fractions. We will also promote literacy by reading recipes together and following them step by step. In addition, we will make sculptures from fruits and vegetables. This class will give the children the opportunity to build and play with food before eating it. 





This popular class is a disciplined introduction to the sport by Kaizen Karate.  Your child will learn the beautiful art of karate while gaining safety and defensive skills in a respectful environment.  The class will also emphasize the basic karate principles of focus, patience and self-discipline.  Instruction provided by Kaizen Karate.


Sports & Games 







Join Morah Hava and Morah Yafa for a fun filled afternoon learning sports and playing games. We will learn how to play different elementary games, play sports and work on gross motor skills.  The children will have a wonderful afternoon working on balance, ball skills and playing tag!

The class will explore many different mediums (clay, wire, watercolors, pastels, oils, and collage.) We will first explore our natural surroundings. The class will use these natural materials as an inspiration to replicate colors, create observational drawings and paintings, collages, and sculptures.  The children will have an opportunity to share their work with the class as well as written dictation recorded by Miss Nora and Miss Linda. 


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)






We will explore STEM concepts through meaningful experiences and investigations using children’s five senses.  Through handling materials, asking questions, such as, “What will happen if…?” (Jean Piaget), experimenting, making observations, and testing ideas, we will spark children’s curiosity about STEM and take a closer look into how things work.  This class will be taught by Miss Margie and Miss Linda. Some areas of exploration include sound, communication, movement, balance, gravity, strength, durability, inclines and pendulums, sensory exploration, mixtures and changes, and making materials.