Hazak Lunch & Speaker Program

Holocaust Denial, Anti-Semitism on Campuses and the Millenials

Our special guest speaker is CBT Hazak Member Peter Gorog

Peter grew up in Communist Hungary. In 1940 his father, Arpad was sent to a Hungarian forced labor camp and in 1942 was sent to the Ukraine with a forced labor battalion with little food or clothing and was declared dead by the Hungarian Ministry of Defense one year later.  Peter and his mother lived in a Budapest ghetto in a one bedroom apartment with his grandparents, two aunts and a cousin.  In 1962 Peter changed his name from Grunwald to Gorog for fear of anti-Semitic discrimination. He earned a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and later participated in the design of the first Hungarian-made computer.  In 1980 he defected to the US, where he worked on NASA projects such as GOES, LANDSAT, Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope.  Peter is now a volunteer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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