I’m a Single Dad: How to Move on After Death - Hear Me Roar Series

Posted on March 12th, 2018


March 21 is National Single Parent Day


Hear Me Roar is a powerful YouTube series about personal journeys of empowerment and self-love. Real people facing their fiercest inner demons with a vulnerability rarely shared with the world. Let yourself journey with them, to emerge stronger together.  

Meet Ari. Life was sweet as a man happily married and father to 3 beautiful young children in Israel. Until one day he found himself a young widower, struggling to be a single dad with kids, moving on after death. How do you become self-empowered when you’re just struggling to make it through the day as a single parent father? How do you come back from the shock and pain of knowing your love has died and will never return?

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The Key to Reaching Autistic Children

Posted on March 5th, 2018
BY ARI L. NOONAN for JewishJournal.com

Jewish autism therapy is 4 years old; Noam Korenstein, who inspired its accidental invention, is 10 years old; and the author of both, age initially irrelevant, is typical of brilliant fathers everywhere.

Reuvein Korenstein, a native of Framingham, Mass., who now lives in Los Angeles, detected a need in Noam, his first-born son, who is autistic.


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Great Books for Purim

Posted on February 26th, 2018
By Kathy Bloomfield for CJP Families with Young Children Initiative in JewishBoston.com


As you decide how you and your family will celebrate Purim this year, here are several books I recommend to bring the spirit of this joyous holiday into your home.

This month we celebrate Purim, one of the most joyful and festive holidays in the Jewish calendar. Children look forward to Purim as a time for wearing costumes, making loud sounds with their Purim noisemakers and eating hamantashen (literally “Haman’s hat”), the delicious three-cornered cookies bursting with tasty fillings. Purim is a time for “feasting and merrymaking, and…an occasion for sending gifts to one another and presents to the poor” (Esther 9:22).

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What is Purim?

Posted on February 19th, 2018
From bimbam.com

From the parties to the reading of the Megillah to the piles and piles of Hamentashen, Purim is easily the most fun holiday in the Jewish calendar. This series of videos talks about all of the great traditions, the basics, the story, the graggers (including a video on making your own). Check them out!

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Want more information on Purim? Check out Jvillage Network's Purim Guide. 

How to Make Savory Hamantaschen, Six Ways

Posted on February 12th, 2018
BY SAMANTHA FERRARO for The Nosher for myjewishlearning.com 

Purim Begins the Evening of February 28, 2018

Purim is all about the party, the fun and the celebrating. Get in the spirit this year and host a build-your-own hamantaschen party! Not everyone wants sweet treats these days, so why not make them savory?


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Want more information on Purim? Check out Jvillage Network's Purim Guide. 



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