Purim Mishloach Manot Goodies and Greetings

Purim/Mishloach Manot Goodies and Greetings

One of the four Mitzvot performed on Purim is giving a gift of food to family and friends, called Mishloach Manot (the sending of portions). The tradition of the mitzvah is that is ensures that everyone has enough food for the Purim feast and helps create feelings of closeness and friendship within the Jewish community.

We do our own version which includes sending greetings and a sampling of goodies to fellow congregants. In October we begin to look for committee volunteers to help us plan our overall effort and then just before Purim we need lots of people who will help us put it together.  This project helps foster the sense of community at B'nai Tzedek.

If you are interested contact Vicki Salamon at [email protected] or Tina Schechter at [email protected]