High Holiday Sermons

High Holiday Sermons 

2017 - 2778

Stones and Memory: A Yizkor Sermon

What a Marriage Counsellor Would Advise a Divided Nation

The Story of the Sabbath Loaves

Why We Still Need Synagogues

We are Unprepared

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2016 - 5777

Can You Be a Good Jew If You Don't Believe in God, or Should an Atheist Still Come to Synagogue on the High Holidays?

Elie Wiesel, Madness, the Middle East and the World

The Non-Election Election Sermon

Yizkor: The Legacy of Shimon Peres


2015 - 5776

Tiger Moms, Helicopter Moms and Jewish Moms:  What Judaism Can Teach Parents

Who Am I:  Confronting Ourselves

When Life is Unfair


2014 - 5775

Fiddler on the Roof

Israel, Us and the Rest of the World

Schadenfreude: Is it A Sin?  Should It Be?  And what is it, anyway?

Yizkor: Memories of Joan Rivers


2013 - 5774 

A Dying Mother's Gift to Her Son 

The [email protected] 

Aging:  Coping with Growing Older 

Someone is Watching You:  Should We Worry about the NSA Program? 

Ed Koch's Unique Brand of Judaism 

Yizkor: When Tomorrow Starts Without Me


 2012 - 5773 

Pushing the Reset Button 

Lessons the Jews of Budapest Can Teach Us   

It's the Little Things that Count

Memo to the Next President of the United States

Good Night iPad:  A Story for Our Time 

Yizkor: Driving in the Back of Dad's Car  



Our Journey: Where Are We Going And What Will We Do When Get There 

What A Difference A Year Makes  

Sign of the Times - A Story of Redemption  

Israel: A Non-Political Sermon  

Fiddling With Fidelity and Faith  


2010 - 5771 

Dancing With Elijah  

What Cancer Has Taught Me  

Education: More Than Just Getting Good Grades and into a Good College  


2009 - 5769/5770 

What to Do When Our 401(K)'s Become 201(K)'s  

On Becoming and Being a Grandparent  


The Holocaust, Israel, and other Matters  

Atonement, Teshuva, and other Lessons from Unexpected Sources  


2008 - 5768/5769 

Take a Break 

Why Be Jewish 

Ethics and Ritual 

The Economy, the Elections, and Other Such Matters 

Kaddish and Shiva: What I Learned from Being a Mourner 



2007 - 5767/5768 


The Wedding Sermon: A Message to My Daughter as She Begins Her Married Life 

Heroes: They Don't Make Them Like They Used To  

The Shema and the Art of Listening 

Are Israel's Critics Anti-Semitic? 

Yizkor: We Wait Too Long 


2006 - 5766/5767 

Personal Reflections Erev Rosh Hashana 

Britney Spears and the Threat of Idolatry in Our Time 

Israel 2006: If Only They Knew 

Conservative Judaism: Passionate About the Center 

Mel Gibson 


2005 5765/5766 

Rosh Hashana Evening  

Transforming Our Homes into Places of Holiness 

The Blessing of a Blessing 

The Blame Game 

The Importance of Israel 

Yizkor: Red Sox Nation: We Remember Them 


2004 - 5764/5765 

Thoughts for Erev Rosh Hashana 

Shabbat: Day of Delight - Just Do It 

What Madonna and Other Can Teach Us: It's Good to be Jewish 

Israel: The Power of Courage and Conviction 

My Advice to My Child as He Enters the Working World 

Yizkor: Billy Crystal's "I Already Know I Love You" 


2003 - 5763/5764

Coping with Fear 

What We Can Learn from the Population Study and "Sex & the City" 

Twenty-Five Years and Counting 

Why I Speak So Much about Israel


2002 - 5762/5763


A Bus Ride in Israel 

September 11:  One Year Later - How Much has Changed, How Much has Not 

May They be Heard in the Cities of Judah and the Streets of Jerusalem 

The Antitdote to Anti-Semitism:  Live as a Jew! 

Looking at Ourselves  



2001 - 5761/5762 

The Blessing of a Funeral 

After the Ashes and the Attack: Anger 

Israel: All Alone, Again

Bar Mitzvah Year: A Rite of Passage 

Soccer Parents, Soccer Goals, and What Really Matters 


2000 - 5760/5761

What Lieberman's Nomination Means 

Tzedekah:  A Way of Life 

Israel 2000: The Threat to Her Existence 

Jews as Survivors: The Meaning of Historical Memory