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Create a Jewish Legacy 

Have you provided for B'nai Tzedek or any other Jewish organization in your estate plan?  Click here for further information.  if you have already provided for B'nai Tzedek in your estate plan or if you are ready to make the commitment to create your own Jewish legacy, please click here to open the commitment form.  Our thanks to those members who have already done so, and thank you for considering this.  We also thank the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington for spearheading the Create a Jewish Legacy initiative to strengthen our community for future generations, and we also thank the Harold Grinspoon Foundation for their support and for the grant of a $5,000 incentive for meeting our goals for the first year of our participation in the program.

Israel Bonds 

B'nai Tzedek proudly supports Israel Bonds and our members invest in bonds to help the State fo Israel on a regular basis.  Click here to invest in bonds to support the State of Israel.

Issues subject to availability.  This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus.  Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associate with investing in State of Israel bonds.  Member FINRA