2018-2019 Religious School Registration Form

Religious School 2018-2019 Registration Form

We are pleased to announce the opening of our 2018-2019 online registration for The Bernice & Mannie Rabovsky Religious School at Congregation B'nai Tzedek.  After making so many exciting changes to our program this past year, we are excited to continue upon that momentum this coming year to help make your children’s Jewish learning meaningful to them, relevant to their lives and interests, and fun. We encourage all of our parents to register their children as soon as they can in order to help us ensure we are able to have appropriate staffing and materials to educate your children.  

Please read this entire letter thoroughly as it includes curriculum information and scheduling options. Click here for our F.A.Q. for the 2018-2019 year!

Registration Form 
To begin registration, please scroll down to the bottom of this note to the "click here to begin" button.  Those who register their child(ren) by Wednesday, June 20th (new date!) will be billed an early bird activities and materials fee of $115 per student. Registrations received after June 20, 2018, will be billed the regular rate for the activities and materials fee of $130 per student.

We hear you! Some people have had issues with our online registration form and we are working with our provider. Others have successfully registered. (We have 71 registrations so far). However, there are some glitches in some parts of the form. Because of this, we are extending the deadline for Early Bird Registration from Friday, June 15th to Wednesday, June 20th to give our vendor some time to fix the problem.  Also, if you are having problems registering, this will give you the opportunity to call next week on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday during work hours for Beth to walk you through the process.
That said, we put together these tips and tricks for getting around the glitches so that you can successfully register online over the next couple of days on your own.
  • The form WILL ONLY let you continue when you have completed ALL fields marked with a red *. You may type N/A in any field which does not apply to your application.
  • For Student #1, etc. if your child is either is being enrolled for Gr. K-2 or Gr. 7-10, and the Midweek Hebrew Instruction preferences of Tuesday and Wednesdays are visible, please select "not possible" for each of those options because they do not pertain to Gr. K-2 and Gr. 7-10. The website developer is supposed to fix that glitch so those fields will only display for students enrolling in grades 3-6. If your child is in Gr. 3-6, please use the selections to inform us of your preferences.
  • The form will ask for health Insurance info, Doctor's name and phone, emergency contact information and permission to pick up, their names and contact info. Please have this information ready. If this information changes at any time, please email Beth with the updated information so she can update our records.
  • This year we are providing you with a list of possible uses of your child's image.  If you don't want to let us use their image you must select which uses you wish us not to authorize.  You must Opt-Out or we will assume that you have consented. If you are fine with all the items, you do not check the boxes.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once registration has been submitted. If you have not received one, the website might have timed out. If you are not sure that you have registered your child(ren), email Beth. Please keep in mind. The RS Office is closed on Fridays.
Update as of 6/26/2018: JVillage has fixed the glitches, if you have any questions regarding the registration form, please contact Beth.
After making so many exciting changes to our program to make your children’s Jewish education more meaningful this past year, we are excited to continue the momentum but we need you! Early registration helps us ensure we are able to have appropriate staffing and materials, so please click below to sign up today for what promises to be a great year!
Even if you’re not sure about your child(ren)’s schedule for the fall, please register so that we know you’re coming! We can always make changes at a later time, if necessary.
We look forward to seeing you all in the fall!

**The Synagogue Members will meet on May 17th during the annual meeting to approve the congregational budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Please note that except where noted above, the rates for the proposed tuition for the coming school year are a 4% increase for grades K-2 and 7, $150 increase for grades 3-6, and no increase for grades 8-10.

Please join us after drop off on our first day of Sunday Religious School, Sunday, September 16, for a Back to School Parent Breakfast to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and learn more about what is going on in the Religious School.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 301-299-9751.

Thank you very much for being a part of our community and we are excited to learn with your child this coming school year!

All the best,

Ronni D. Ticker
Director of Family and Youth Learning

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